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Laura K. Lautz

EMPOWER Program Director and Professor, Department of Earth Sciences
Work Phone: 315-443-1196 Website: Lautz Hydrology Research Group


Lautz is a hydrologist who aims to further understand how hydrologic processes influence water quality and movement through watersheds. She is particularly interested in how water moves through paired surface water and groundwater systems, and how nutrients and other solutes are processed and transported by streams. Her broad interest in exchange of water between surface and subsurface environments has led her to work on several interdisciplinary research projects, within which she has used field experiments coupled with computer modeling experiments. Lautz has been awarded over $4 million in funding as principal investigator on National Science Foundation projects. Lautz has received awards for her teaching and research, including the Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award from SU and a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation. She holds a B.S. in geology from Lafayette College, a M.Ed. in teaching and curriculum from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in geology from SU.


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