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Photo of John “J.R.” Slosson

John “J.R.” Slosson

MS, Earth Sciences


J.R. received his Bachelor of Arts in economics and Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia. He spent five years practicing law in a prominent New York City law firm before deciding to return to school to pursue a long-held passion for the natural world and the geosciences at Syracuse University. He is studying stream erosion rates in the Argentinian Andes using cosmogenic nuclides under the advisement of professors Greg Hoke and Laura Lautz. This research will aid in quantifying the potential degree of sediment accumulation in future reservoir projects in a region where glacial sources of freshwater are disappearing. As a member of the EMPOWER program, J.R. is also interested in the science and public policy aspects of water-energy issues in the twenty-first century. In his spare time, J.R. enjoys exploring the mountains of the northeastern United States and Colorado.