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Alaina Hickey

MS, Earth Sciences


Alaina is a first-year M.S. student in the Earth Sciences Department working with Christopher Junium as part of the Geobiology, Astrobiology, Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography (GAPP) Research Group. She completed her undergraduate career at S.U., earning a B.A. in Earth Science with a focus in Environmental Science and minors in Biology and Psychology. Alaina’s research interests have always been in sedimentary and organic geochemistry. Previous research included stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis on Devonian Rugose coral organic matter to understand their paleoecology and/or basinal conditions during that time. For her M.S. research, she will be focusing on carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur biogeochemical cycles of Fayetteville Green Lake and Glacier Lake, two local meromictic lakes.