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Sara Alesi

MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering


Sara is from New Fairfield, CT and earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and a B.A. in Geography from Villanova University in 2014. After completing her undergraduate degrees, Sara worked in an environmental chemistry lab in Connecticut, where she analyzed soil and water samples for a variety of parameters. Wanting to see the bigger scope of her work, Sara joined the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at Syracuse University in August 2015 and began working with Dr. Chris Johnson. Her research at Syracuse focused on examining the impacts of acid deposition on weathering release rates of base cations (Ca, Mg, Na, K) in the Catskill Mountains of New York. As an EMPOWER trainee, she interned with Plumley Engineering, where she gained hands-on experience in the environmental consulting industry. Sara received her M.S. in Environmental Engineering Science from Syracuse University in August 2017 and started working as a Staff Scientist with The Intelligence Group in September 2017.