Trainees Attend Faculty Conversation about the Clean Energy Futures Project

Syracuse University faculty member EMPOWER co-PI Peter Wilcoxen from the Maxwell School and EMPOWER PI Charles T. Driscoll from the College of Engineering and Computer Science led a nationally attended faculty conversation about the Clean Energy Futures project.

The Clean Energy Futures research project aims to quantify the efficacy, efficiency, and equity of four contrasting policy approaches for curbing electricity sector emissions, and to provide policymakers with rigorous, timely, and useable science for decision-making.

Clean Energy Futures Team

  • Charles Driscoll, Jr. – Science lead, University Professor of Environmental Systems and Distinguished Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Syracuse University
  • Kathy Fallon Lambert – Policy engagement lead, Senior Advisor, Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
  • Dallas Burtraw – Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
  • Amelia Keyes – Research Associate, Resources for the Future, JD candidate Harvard Law School
  • Qasim Mehdi – PhD candidate, Syracuse University
  • Armistead (Ted) Russell –Regents Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Huizhong Shen – Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Peter Wilcoxen – Professor, Director of the Center of Environmental Policy and Administration, Maxwell School, Syracuse University