EMPOWER is piloting an interdisciplinary approach to graduate education that is focused on research at the interface of water and energy cycles. This program prepares students with the technical knowledge and professional skills needed to compete for careers in energy, environmental consulting, government, nonprofits, academia, and beyond. The “water-energy nexus” encompasses the interrelationship between human needs for water and energy. It is a priority research area nationally and our graduates are likely to pursue both academic and non-academic career paths.

The water-energy research theme leverages rich regional and international research opportunities and a strong portfolio of ongoing funded research at Syracuse University (SU). The education and training elements leverage ongoing institutional support for interdisciplinary graduate training in water science and engineering and science communication, as well as nationally recognized strengths in communications, public policy, management, and law. Program elements include: a Water-Energy Seminar and integrated professional lecture series; a certificate program in professional development areas of communication, policy analysis/law, business/project management, and entrepreneurship; a focused course in science communication; a professional mentoring year for internships or other professional growth opportunities; a two-course integrated domestic and international field program; and a seed grant program.