Career Pathway Experience

EMPOWER trainees use time during their graduate program to focus their research activities and collaborate with professional mentors to develop a specific line of research. Students may spend time in an internship, a field site, a national research lab, a not-for-profit agency, another university or other location, depending on the individual’s career goals.

Students may identify potential professional mentors through informal networks, the Water-Energy Nexus Seminar, recommendations of the program’s External Advisory Committee, networking at conferences, alumni, a program database of professional opportunities, and/or connections facilitated by the adviser. Ideally, the professional mentor will serve on the graduate advisory committee for the trainee, thereby fully integrating the professional collaborator with the graduate training program.

Examples of recent career pathway experiences:

Sara Alesi interned at Plumley Engineering, an environmental consulting firm. Alesi is interested in a career in consulting following her MS degree.

Kristina Gutchess was sole instructor for two Earth Science courses at SUNY Cortland. She is interested in pursuing a career in academia, and this experiences is strong preparation for the teaching component of an academic career.

Robin Glas completed an internship at the USGS through the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Internship Program. Glas is interested in a career doing research at a government agency.