Led by Charley Driscoll, EMPOWER is a team of over 50 people, including the leadership team, affiliated faculty, staff, graduate students, and external advisors. Browse our full directory below, which includes the leadership team and our graduate student trainees, or check out the information about our affiliated faculty and external advisors.

Photo of Courtney Gammon

Courtney Gammon

M.S., Civil & Environmental Engineering

Courtney is a first year M.S. student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department.  She is originally from Destin, Florida and attended Florida Gulf Coast University where she got her B.S. in Environmental Engineering.  Her previous research includes campus energy efficiency for her undergrad university, assisting with preliminary work for a clean drinking water study to take place in Haiti, and a water conservation pilot study for Hertz Global Headquarters in Estero, FL. …

Photo of Emily Gaub

Emily Gaub

Emily Gaub received her Bachelors of Science in mathematics and environmental science from Pacific University in 2016. As an undergraduate, her research focused on rook polynomials as well as passive restoration methods for floodplains using local beaver activity. She is currently a masters student in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering working with Dr. Laura Condon.…

Photo of Robin Glas

Robin Glas

PhD, Earth Sciences

Robin comes to Syracuse University after a fulfilling career teaching 7th through 12th grade.  She has taught across the natural sciences and field of mathematics to students in the United States and abroad at the American International School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She is interested in using geophysical methods to characterize aquifer structure and function, and works in a remote field site in the Peruvian Andes in a region that is greatly affected by climate change and melting glaciers.

Photo of Kristina Gutchess

Kristina Gutchess

PhD, Earth Sciences

Kristina is a third-year PhD candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences. She previously attended SUNY Cortland where she studied Geology. Her research aims to strengthen the understanding of processes that affect water quality, including the impacts of both humans and naturally occurring processes. She uses modeling and statistical approaches, combined with field and laboratory work to explore the utility of halogens as sensitive tracers for the transport of solutes and the movement of surface water and groundwater.…