Led by Charley Driscoll, EMPOWER is a team of over 50 people, including the leadership team, affiliated faculty, staff, graduate students, and external advisors. Browse our full directory below, which includes the leadership team and our graduate student trainees, or check out the information about our affiliated faculty and external advisors.

Photo of Laura Markley

Laura Markley

PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Laura is a PhD student in the Civil & Environmental Engineering department working with Dr. Charles Driscoll. She earned her M.S. degree in Earth and Environmental Science from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA and her B.S. in Environmental Earth Science from Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, CT. Her previous research includes the sources and spatial distribution of arsenic in groundwater wells in Lebanon, CT and the application of the magnetic goethite/hematite (G/H) ratio to soils and paleosols in the mid-Atlantic region to determine paleoprecipitation.…

Photo of Yngrid Pereira Marques

Yngrid Pereira Marques

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Yngrid is a Masters student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering working with Dr Christa Kelleher in urban hydrology. Specifically, she is investigating areas prone to minor flooding in Syracuse, NY. She earned my B.S. in Civil Engineering from Catholic University of Brasilia, in Brazil, her home country. As an undergraduate, her research focused on sustainable solutions such as permeable concrete and hydrology.

Photo of Qasim Mehdi

Qasim Mehdi

PhD, Public Administration

Qasim is pursuing his PhD in Public Administration with concentration in Environmental Policy. He works with Professor Peter Wilcoxen at Maxwell School of Public Affairs and International Relations. Qasim’s research interests include regional and global climate models, climate change resilience and migrations due to climate change in South Asia. Prior to joining Maxwell, Qasim used to work as a researcher and data analyst for a non-profit and a private university in Lahore.…

Photo of Geoffrey Millard

Geoffrey Millard

PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Geoffrey is a fifth year graduate student in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at Syracuse University.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from St. Lawrence University in 2010 and his Master’s in Environmental Engineering Science and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Sustainable Enterprise from Syracuse University in 2016.  Before attending Syracuse University, Geoffrey was a Research Support Specialist at SUNY-ESF and the Syracuse Center of Excellence where his research focused on nutrient dynamics in a central Adirondack watershed and urban carbon, energy and water fluxes in the city of Syracuse.  …

Photo of Yaskira Mota

Yaskira Mota

MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Yaskira attended Syracuse University where she earned her degree in Environmental Engineering. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s in Environmental Engineering and working on data modeling to relate change in thermal stratification of Adirondack lakes with changes in Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) .