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Led by Laura Lautz, EMPOWER is a team of over 40 people, including the leadership team, affiliated faculty, staff, graduate students, and external advisors. Browse our full directory below, which includes the leadership team and our graduate student trainees, or check out the information about our affiliated faculty and external advisors.

Photo of Emily Baker

Emily Baker

PhD, Earth Sciences

Emily is a PhD student in the Department of Earth Sciences working for Dr. Laura Lautz. Her research is based in a proglacial valley of the Peruvian Andes. Her project uses infrared imagery coupled with in-stream temperature sensors to create an energy balance model of a reach of the stream in this valley. The goal of this research is to improve our understanding of how groundwater enters the stream, since groundwater will become increasingly important throughout the region as the alpine glaciers continue to retreat.…

Photo of Kyle Blaha

Kyle Blaha

MS, Chemistry

Kyle earned his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Hiram College in 2015. While there he did research on metal-ion concentrations in local water/soil sources, such as the Penguin exhibit of the nearby zoo. He also spent time researching the steric effects of aldimine synthesis, a project he did his undergraduate capstone on. Kyle joined the Kahan group in 2015.…

Photo of Crystal Burgess

Crystal Burgess

MS, Earth Sciences

Crystal earned her Bachelor of Arts in Geology from Alfred University in 2016 with a minor in Environmental Studies. Prior to her graduate studies, Crystal interned at SU on Project SWIFT developing an interannual time series of naturally occurring methane concentrations in the advance of unconventional gas production in the southern tier of New York.…

Photo of Samuel Caldwell

Samuel Caldwell

MS, Earth Sciences

Sam attended Amherst College, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Geology and was a three-year starter on the Amherst College football team in the program’s winningest class in its over 130-year history. He completed independent research through the KECK Geology Consortium on the geochemistry of two adjacent volcanic lakes in the Newberry Caldera in Newberry, OR.…

Photo of Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell

PhD, Earth Sciences

Amanda comes to us from a wide-ranging career in secondary education. She taught a variety of science classes in Central New York and in Tanzania as a Peace Corps volunteer. She completed a M.S. in Watershed Science at Utah State University where she researched the effect of hydrologic connectivity on nitrate concentrations in a headwater stream where nitrogen deposition is high.…

Photo of Nathaniel Chien

Nathaniel Chien

MS, Earth Sciences

Nathaniel attended the College of William & Mary where he earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Geology in 2016. His undergraduate research focused on understanding the erosional history of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Now, as a graduate student, he is working with Dr. Laura Lautz in the Department of Earth Sciences. His current research focuses on utilizing groundwater chemistry data and statistical methods to fingerprint sources of contamination in shallow groundwater.…

Photo of Laura DeMott

Laura DeMott

PhD, Earth Sciences

Laura is a PhD student in the Department of Earth Sciences, under the advisement of Dr. Chris Scholz. Her research interests are the sedimentology and geochemistry of non-marine carbonate rocks, and her doctoral research focuses on depositional processes of these rocks in rift lakes of the Basin and Range. She is also passionate about geoscience education and outreach, and has been an instructor for the GeoFORCE Texas high school outreach program.…

Photo of Caitlin Eger

Caitlin Eger

PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Caitlin Eger is a first-year doctoral student in Civil and Environmental Engineering, studying with Drs. Charley Driscoll and Dave Chandler. In her research, she examines how adjustments to green infrastructure design affect stormwater runoff quantity and quality. She previously attended Juniata College and the Ohio State University where she studied Environmental Chemistry and Ecological Engineering. Caitlin is interested in urban ecological design, retrofitting of existing infrastructure networks, and urban chemical cycles.…

Photo of Emily Gaub

Emily Gaub

MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Emily Gaub received her Bachelors of Science in mathematics and environmental science from Pacific University in 2016. As an undergraduate, her research focused on rook polynomials as well as passive restoration methods for floodplains using local beaver activity. She is currently a masters student in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering working with Dr. Laura Condon.…

Photo of Robin Glas

Robin Glas

PhD, Earth Sciences

Robin comes to Syracuse University after a fulfilling career teaching 7th through 12th grade.  She has taught across the natural sciences and field of mathematics to students in the United States and abroad at the American International School in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She is interested in using geophysical methods to characterize aquifer structure and function, and works in a remote field site in the Peruvian Andes in a region that is greatly affected by climate change and melting glaciers.

Photo of Kristina Gutchess

Kristina Gutchess

PhD, Earth Sciences

Kristina is a third-year PhD candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences. She previously attended SUNY Cortland where she studied Geology. Her research aims to strengthen the understanding of processes that affect water quality, including the impacts of both humans and naturally occurring processes. She uses modeling and statistical approaches, combined with field and laboratory work to explore the utility of halogens as sensitive tracers for the transport of solutes and the movement of surface water and groundwater.…

Photo of Quercus Hamlin

Quercus Hamlin

MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Quercus is an MS student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He earned his BS in GIS from Michigan State University in 2017. At MSU, he developed high resolution maps of nitrogen and phosphorous loading to the landscape across the Great Lakes Basin. He is currently working with Dr.…

Photo of Alaina Hickey

Alaina Hickey

MS, Earth Sciences

Alaina is a first-year M.S. student in the Earth Sciences Department working with Christopher Junium as part of the Geobiology, Astrobiology, Paleoclimate and Paleoceanography (GAPP) Research Group. She completed her undergraduate career at S.U., earning a B.A. in Earth Science with a focus in Environmental Science and minors in Biology and Psychology. Alaina’s research interests have always been in sedimentary and organic geochemistry.…

Photo of Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson

MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Alex is originally from Inver Grove Heights, MN. He received his B.S. in Environmental Science from Iowa State University in 2014.  He joined the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Syracuse University in June 2014 where he is currently an MS student with plans to enroll in the PhD program in 2016.  His research interests include understanding the fate and transport of pollutants in urban environments as well as the role of green roofs and other green infrastructure in affecting air and stormwater quality. …

Photo of Laura Markley

Laura Markley

PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Laura is a PhD student in the Civil & Environmental Engineering department working with Dr. Charles Driscoll. She earned her M.S. degree in Earth and Environmental Science from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA and her B.S. in Environmental Earth Science from Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, CT. Her previous research includes the sources and spatial distribution of arsenic in groundwater wells in Lebanon, CT and the application of the magnetic goethite/hematite (G/H) ratio to soils and paleosols in the mid-Atlantic region to determine paleoprecipitation.…

Photo of Geoffrey Millard

Geoffrey Millard

PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Geoffrey is a fifth year graduate student in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at Syracuse University.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from St. Lawrence University in 2010 and his Master’s in Environmental Engineering Science and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Sustainable Enterprise from Syracuse University in 2016.  Before attending Syracuse University, Geoffrey was a Research Support Specialist at SUNY-ESF and the Syracuse Center of Excellence where his research focused on nutrient dynamics in a central Adirondack watershed and urban carbon, energy and water fluxes in the city of Syracuse.  …

Photo of Yaskira Mota

Yaskira Mota

MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Yaskira attended Syracuse University where she earned her degree in Environmental Engineering. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s in Environmental Engineering and working on data modeling to relate change in thermal stratification of Adirondack lakes with changes in Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) .

Photo of Darci Pauser

Darci Pauser

PhD, Political Science

Darci is a PhD student in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and Public Policy. She completed her Master’s in Public Administration with a specialization in Environmental Policy at Syracuse University and her BA in Anthropology from the University of California at Berkeley. Her dissertation research aims to further our understanding of state-level decision making, the role of transnational scientific communities, and the extent of foreign policy issue area linkage on the subject of transboundary water resource management.…

Photo of Changcheng Pu

Changcheng Pu

PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Changcheng Pu is a second year PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering, working in the Environmental Organic Chemistry Laboratory with Dr. Teng Zeng. Before attending Syracuse University, he received his Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and Master’s degree from Stanford University. His research focuses on understanding the transport and fate of organic contaminants in natural and engineered aquatic systems, by combining controlled laboratory experiments with field based research.…

Photo of Riley Sessanna

Riley Sessanna

MS, Earth Sciences

Riley attended SUNY Geneseo where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Geology. He also has a strong background in mathematics and physics which inspired him to pursue the study of Hydrogeology.  He now works with Christa Kelleher in the Department of Earth Sciences as a Master’s Student.  His interests are widespread, but he is currently studying a local stream in Syracuse, connecting patterns of hydrology and biogeochemistry through field measurements and aerial imaging.

Photo of John “J.R.” Slosson

John “J.R.” Slosson

MS, Earth Sciences

J.R. received his Bachelor of Arts in economics and Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia. He spent five years practicing law in a prominent New York City law firm before deciding to return to school to pursue a long-held passion for the natural world and the geosciences at Syracuse University. He is studying stream erosion rates in the Argentinian Andes using cosmogenic nuclides under the advisement of professors Greg Hoke and Laura Lautz.…

Photo of Alexa Stathis

Alexa Stathis

PhD, Chemistry

Alexa is a third year PhD student in the Department of Chemistry working for Dr. Tara Kahan. Her primary research interests include understanding the environmental fate of atmospheric and aquatic pollutants. Currently, her research focuses on understanding the fate of organic, aromatic pollutants in snow, ice and natural waters. Alexa received her Bachelor’s in chemistry from Stonehill College in 2014.

Photo of Joseph Wasswa

Joseph Wasswa

PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Joseph Wasswa is a Ugandan and a twin. He is also a first-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering working with Dr. Teng Zeng. Joseph earned a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. Before moving to the U.S., he worked as Graduate Research Assistant in the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bioengineering at Makerere University Kampala, Uganda.…

Photo of Lucie Worthen

Lucie Worthen

M.S., Civil & Environmental Engineering

Lucie Worthen is a first-year M.S. student in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, studying with Dr. Cliff Davidson. She received her B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. Her research interests include understanding the impact of plant communities and evapotranspiration in modeling the hydraulics and hydrology of green roofs through the software EPA SWMM5.…

Photo of Lachlan Wright

Lachlan Wright

PhD, Earth Sciences

Lachlan is a first-year PhD student in the Department of Earth Science, working with Dr. Chris Scholz. He comes to us from the University of Oxford, where he completed his Masters in Earth Science, and Undergraduate studies. Here, in conjunction with the University of Bristol, and the Geological Survey Department of Zambia, he conducted a basin analysis on the Luangwa Rift Valley using legacy 2D seismic data and deep-time climate simulations to predict lacustrine source facies.…

Photo of Yige Yang

Yige Yang

PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Yige Yang is a PhD student in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, working for Dr. Cliff Davidson. She received her M.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Syracuse University and her B.S. in Environmental Science from Sun Yat-sen University, China.  Her research interests include understanding the hydraulic and thermal performance of green roofs and the specific design of green roofs.…

Photo of Nicholas Zaremba

Nicholas Zaremba

PhD, Earth Sciences

Nick is a first-year PhD student in the Department of Earth Sciences. Before coming to Syracuse, he worked at the USGS in St. Petersburg Florida. He completed a M.S. in Geology from East Carolina University where he studied the stratigraphic architecture and paleoenvironmental change of Pamlico Sound, North Carolina. Nick’s research at Syracuse will focus on studying lake records to better understand how climate has changed in the past.…

Photo of Chenwei “David” Zheng

Chenwei “David” Zheng

PhD, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

David is a PhD student in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering working with Dr. Akih. His research focuses on computational analysis of combustion and equation of state modeling. David uses Monte Carlo Molecular Simulation to analyze the quantities of different ensembles. He is working on the computation of thermodynamic behaviors based on molecular forces in micro-state.…